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Privacy Policy Of NEO Invites

Collection of users data

We are not collecting any of users data except for NEO wallet address. Address is used to sent our free neo coins to the users who earned them. Also we might use ip address to detect if the same user is not using fraud to get more neo and also to detect possible bots earning coins. If you are using our project you are bound to accept our privacy policy.

Website advertisements

We don't promote any products or services on our website. However our trustful advertisers and sponsors have a right to redirect you to their websites and use promotion material there. You should read their website term of service before taking any actions as you understand that you alone are responsible for your actions or participating in advertisement.

High Security

Security on our servers are backed by state of the art solutions. As more and more accidents happen in the crypto world related to security holes we take a serious approach to secure all our clients data and our own NEO wallets.

Policy Changes

We have reserved a right to change our policy at any time and these changes will apply to all accounts on our project. However we claim a responsibility to contact all users and explain the changes.

Accepting Privacy Policy

By reading this privacy policy or using our website you are accepting all the policy terms. You are bound to accept all the terms. Any violation of our policy can mean your account could be suspended and free neo coins frozen or even removed from your website wallet.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions related to our project policy, please contact us Here.