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Contact form getting rebuilt due to high volume of users. Currently contact servers are not working but we will try to restore them as soon as we can.

We hope you understand and please be patient. Now you can contact us on our facebook page.

NEO Invites Team

This is as FAQ questions of the users:

Q: What we have to do to get free NEO?

A: First step is to visit our website - NEO Invites and there you will find simple video with instructions how to use our project.

Q: Are these neo coins really for free?

A: Yes they are free for all our users. This is our special promotion to attract more users as these coins are given by our sponsors in exchange that users have to do some of their offers. Usually they take a short time to complete but if you have problems just contact us.

Q: When i should receive my NEO payment if i completed verification?

A: Most people will get their payments in 24-48 hours it really depends on how much people withdrawing at the same time and also NEO network capabilities. You should wait AT LEAST 72 HOURS before contacting us about late payment.

Q: If i want to buy crypto myself where i can do this?

A: We can recommend most popular exchange like Coinbase and after that you can buy NEO at Binance