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Free NEO Coins - NEO Invites

Get Free NEO Coins For Inviting People

NEO Invites is a new website that gives users NEO crypto currency just for inviting people to join our website! Earn up to 0.5 NEO for 1 invited user which equals to about 9 USD or 8 EUR

Enter Your NEO Wallet Address and Start Inviting Now

How to Use

Hosted On Cloud

Our website hosted on the "cloud" which can guarantee 99.5% project uptime. This way users can reach us all the time and also it provides superior security for our servers so your NEO wallet address is safe with us. Website loading speed is greatly increased so you can get your free neo coins even faster.

High Project Security

We don't collect users personal data and we only use crypto wallet address in order to verify neo withdrawal. So cookies only used for user identification and we choose to use neo wallet address. This let us know how much neo cryptocurrency and where we need to sent it. This enables us to provide secure services for every user.

No Withdraw Fees

As many companies and huge trading platforms now collect high fees and profit from their users we put a stop to this! All free NEO you get from our project you can withdraw with zero fees. We build a business model which can give users no crypto fees and let us be profitale at the same time.

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Attention! Fair usage policy of the project: Our security is closely monitoring every invited user and people actions on our website so any fraud used on our site will be detected and users accounts will be suspended. This way we also have a right to remove any of your earn NEO coins.

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NEO is the crypto currency future and strongest buy in 2020

Why people should use NEO Invites?

The most simple answer would be that we give our users free NEO coins.. Not so obvious answer is that there is no project out there which gives people free NEO cryptocurrency only for inviting other people to join a project also that coin is growing at super fast speed. As you know from the news NEO can easily replace ethereum and any crackdowns on crypto can't stop it.

People should think of huge NEO potential as it is compatible with easy programming languages has Daps and has smart contracts. It is really future of the crypto.

How much NEO can i get in 24 hours? When i can withdraw?

How much you earn hugly depends on your skills and how much people your message can reach. For instance you can post on forum like reddit and it is visited by a ton of people even if a few of them decide to join you will get 1 of NEO for each of them. If you want to give them more information about a coin you can redirect them to official NEO wesite. So in short for 1 invited user you will receive 1 free NEO coins and to withdraw neo you will have to invite 10 people because it can be transfered only to whole coins. You can withdraw 1 coin in whole number or 2 coins or 3 depends how much people you will invite.

Special Promotion For 2020!

We are running special promo as of launch you can earn 1 of NEO coins only for 1 invited user. All you have to do is share your link for example on platforms where you can get most atttention like facebook, youtube, instagram, twitter etc. We have done a research and results were that 60% of people will be interested in crypto and especially NEO if they can get it very cheaply or even for free. So this is your chance to get some free NEO while people are hungry for this new amazing crypto. This promo won't last long so hurry up!

You mentioned 20% withdrawal bonus?

You heard it right there is a 20% bonus to all withdrawals if you share our website on social media. This is simple just before withdrawing coins use one of our buttons to share crypto on social media platforms. After that you will get 20% bonus added to your total earnings of neo.


Before withdrawing NEO you will see that you have to complete verification. This verification was made by our sponsors to give them advertising space and to prevent bots from claiming crypto coins. Also sponsors providing us with needed NEO cryptocurrency which we giving out to our users. Without these offers we wouldn't have so much NEO to give to our users and you will only get a small fraction of what your are getting now.. These offers can be different from people to people because of randomness bots can't complete them and most popular one is installing sponsors apps like games etc. This way it only takes two minutes of your time to get a ton of neo. For disclaimer around 100% of crypto coins goes to paying our users and to promote this project and only 0.1% goes for the developers and keeping servers running. We hope you understand and supporting this.

Problems with verification?

If you have any problems with withdrawal please first read these solutions:

Check if you are using any of adblock software because it can block verification offers and so you can't withdraw neo coins.

If you find it just disable it until you complete withdrawal. Problems with adblock software is that certain parts of site can't be fully loaded so there is errors and verification can't be completed.

Use Newest Browsers Available

Using our project you should use newest version of browser available to you. This is because new websites are made with html 5 programming language and old browsers won't support it. So there is a lot of issues with that and you should update browser to use other websites too.

Contacting Our Support

If you have any other questions about our project or propositions how to improve our project please use contact form.


Neo is the future and this project knows it!

Oh my God i thought that nobody is seeing NEO coin potential until i saw many project popping on the web. was the first one to offer easy way to earn coins. Thank you for your hard work.

Jeff Sanders -

This will replace ethereum

I met this team personally and what i can that they have a big plans for this project.. Now easy to get Neo and after that who knows.. One thing i can say are building something amazing!

Roger Simons -

Two words - I'm In!

I have followed this project from beginning and seing great improvements. Also i can say that i also invited ton of my colleagues and earn a ton of NEO cryptocurrency.

Doug Pulton -